10 Ways to Treat Yo' Self and Unwind.

We all live pretty hectic lives.

Either you’re working 9-5 in the office all day, bringing work home every so often or hustling as a freelancer trying to pick up any job you can get your hands on. We get it. But when do you make time for you in all that? Everyday? Never? Let’s just all agree that our time always seems to get pushed to the side. Which in simple terms “IS SO LAME”. We need to take our time back and do things for us! Plain and Simple. We came up with 10 things that we can do every day (not all 10 but 1 a day at least) to help us unwind and take some stress off of us! So, do yourself a favor and pick one or two things from this list and do it tonight, you’ll thank us later!

  1. Turn off your phone

Okay, we all know this one is easier said than done. TRUST US. I think pure panic almost sets in when we turn our phone off, always thinking someone is trying to get a hold of us or there’s some emergency going on. So, to win this situation there is a little thing that we love called “Do Not Disturb Mode” this allows you to still have your silence but also if there is an emergency you can set your favorites to be allowed to break the silence. So, it’s a win, win!

Personally, we turn this on a few hours before bed and a few hours before we wake up. Gives you a nice long break and a better sleep if you ask us! No annoying late-night texts/calls ruining your precious beauty sleep.

  1. Take a long bath

This sounds like our ideal nighttime ritual! Run that bath water nice and warm throw a face mask on, light a few candles and pour a glass of chilling water or some wine! Lay there and take a few deep breaths and leave that phone outside the bathroom! That will distract you to no end and make it less relaxing.

Cocktail Hour - Our kind of happy hour, in the bath! 

  1. Work out

Take 30 to an hour to just sweat. Go to the gym or sit in the sauna, either way, get your body moving!  

  1. Take the dog for a walk

Everyone loves puppy time; your pup will love the time together and you’ll love the fresh air! Take a new route or see what’s around you, take this time to explore and also take the time to think about everything you’ve been dealing with.

  1. Express your feelings

Have a girl’s night and talk it out with your friends. It helps to have another set of ears and thoughts about situations. Or if you just want to be alone, write it all down in a journal and don’t think about it till you’ve done a few of the steps above to help think clearer.

  1. Read a book

Make a goal to read one book a month. It’s amazing how much you can learn just by reading and plus it’s a great distraction and creative outlet! So light up one of our signature scent candles, grab a blanket and get to reading!

  1. Clean Something

Personally, a big fan of this one. We think cleaning helps tremendously. It’s so soothing for some reason and you feel so accomplished afterward. Plus, you know what they say, “cluttered space, cluttered mind.” So, make it easier on yourself and make a less stressful relaxing area.

  1. Treat yo’ self

Go get your nails done, hair did, eyelashes did, anything and everything! This is your time to make you feel better about yourself! Confidence is key, and you need that boost every now and then! GO get it, girl.

  1. Pick a new hobby

Find something that you can get into like photography! You’ll be helping yourself grow as an individual and always keeping your mind sharp!

  1. Meditate

Light up one of our signature scented personalized candles and imagine you're far away from any problems! Meditating is a great way to clear your mind and take some stress off. 

We've linked some of our favorite stress releasing scents below :) 

Lemon Rosewater - great for an early morning meditation session. 



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