2020 Wedding Trends

Distance is temporary but love is forever. 

It completely stinks that couples are having to switch up their wedding plans right now. However, in simplicity, we find peace, joy, and happiness. These simple wedding ideas will keep the love you have for your person at the center of your celebration. 


2020 wedding trends


What is a micro wedding? It's a simplified wedding of 20 or fewer people. It gives you the flexibility to cut out the traditional reception and any other elements that make social distancing difficult. Imagine a simple ceremony, a mini cake, a champagne toast, pictures of you and your groom, and a few flowers. 

Here are some unique ideas to incorporate:

  • Mini and individual charcuterie boards for each guest.
  • Custom mask and sanitizer for your guests.
  • A wine tasting cocktail hour because it can keep your guests socially distant.


    Virtual Weddings


    Wedding planners are offering packages that help coordinate meal delivery, set up your zoom video with a custom backdrop design, and mail favors to your guests. They will even help you come up with special elements to make this simple celebration more unique. 


    Pandemic wedding elopement


    Take a picnic and bubbly and stand by your favorite lake with your love. You don't have to go far to make this day special. Pick a location that is meaningful and bring an officiant to make it official. 


    front porch wedding


    Invite a few guests to stand in your yard or on the street below your balcony while you get married! Guests can celebrate your nuptials from a distance with this simple morning gathering. 


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