4 Fashion Trends to Rock This Spring.

We can almost start dreaming of warmer days and sunshine on our cold frozen bodies.

Spring has sprung and we are ready for it. Lately, California has been under the weather, quite literally. It’s been in the ’60s for some time now, which is a big deal considering us Californian’s love our sunny and 75 weather, I mean that’s why we live here! 
So, I think I can speak for the rest of us and say, we are ready for the warmth and would like to return to our regularly scheduled weather. 
Spring has always been a favorite season of ours, it’s the time when you can dust off the shelves and bring some new freshness to your life. 
Speaking of freshness, this is the time of year we like to see what will be in season and which colors will set the tone for the rest of the year (fashion wise). 
We’ve found a couple of our favorite trends and thought we’d share them with you!
Here are 4 of our top fashion trends coming this year 
1. Athleisure – Yeah, we don’t think this trend is leaving anytime soon and honestly, we are okay with that. There is nothing more comfortable than being comfortable in your clothing. 

Picture Credit: Cella Jane 

2. Neutral Shades – we’re seeing a lot of neutral this year! And like the athleisure fashion, we are here for it too! Wearing all neutral can actually make a standout attire. Pair a nude jumpsuit with the best most colorful accessories and you’ll be sure to stand out! 

Picture Credit:  Damsel in Dior

 3. Leopard Print – We know, not really anything new but this is always a staple to have in the closet. We really are digging the leopard skirts this year. 

Shop the Skirt Here 

4. Tie-dye – This is new, we haven’t seen tie dye around in a bit! This is so fun for spring you could even kill two fashion trends with one stone by pairing a tie-dye top with some neutral pants!

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Let us know some of your favorite fashion trends in the comments below! We’d love to know what you're rocking this year!
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