4 Spring Trends We Can't Decide If We Love or Hate

Spring is all about new beginnings. New beginnings can only happen when we step outside of our comfort zone and try something new. What new trend would you be willing to try this Spring?


1. Makeup: The Peach Lip

Even though we might still be wearing masks it doesn't mean that you can't feel confident underneath. The Spring Peach lip will give you a fresh pep in your step!

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peach lipstick 2021


2. Hair: Curtain bangs

Not brave enough to chop full bangs? Try out curtain bangs! These bangs are very low maintenance and look good on anyones face shape. This super cute new hairstyle could be the new beginning you need for start your Spring off strong. 

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3. Fashion: Puffy Sleeves

The puff sleeve is everywhere! From the Bachelor to Bridgerton we are seeing it everywhere. It can be found on a coat, dress or sweater. Pick your favorite and pair it with a pretty Spring pattern or color.

puff sleeve dress 2021


4. Denim: Balloon Jeans

It's time to move on from the sweatpants of 2020 and try some comfy jeans. Look dressed up while feeling chill at the same time!

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balloon jeans 2021


Which one will you rock this Spring?

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