7 Ways to Jazz Up Your Water and Keep Hydrated This Summer.

It's warming up, and that means that summer is here! We finally get to have some fun in the sun and leave the cooler spring days behind! That means that it’s also time to break out the sunscreen and up your water intake. As much as we love the sun, no one likes having to deal with dehydration, so staying on top of how much water you’re drinking throughout the day is a must for having a successful summer.

With all of the summer fun you’re sure to be having, it can be easy to forget about your water intake goals. Truthfully, we have just as much trouble staying hydrated as the next person. This is why we scoured Pinterest for some fresh ways to dress up our water to make it a bit more fun!  

Check out our top 7 new favorite ways to jazz up your water and stay hydrated this summer! P.s- number 7 is our favorite, so read to the end!

1. Raspberry & Mint

One of the most classic combinations for fruit water, the raspberry and mint combo is refreshing and crisp, adding a fabulous layer of dimension to your water. Want to pump up the flavor? Add your raspberry and mint to a mug of water and let it sit in the fridge overnight- let those flavors seep in!

2. Mint & Lime

Nothing says “summer” like some fresh citrus. Throw a handful of mint leaves and some lime in your water to welcome summer. You can either slice up your limes or cut them into wedges, squeezing the juice out of the wedges before tossing them in for a stronger taste of lime. You can’t go wrong either way!

3. Strawberry & Basil 

Perhaps an unlikely combination, strawberries and basil are a fabulous duo when put together and add incredible flavor to your water. Slice up those berries and toss them in with the basil, then let your tastebuds enjoy this tasty combo of sweet and savory.

4. Orange & Kiwi 

Revel in the tastes of summer with this sweet combo! Oranges provide a classic, tart and citrus taste of summer, and when paired with the natural sweetness of kiwis, you’ll quickly find that this combination will become part of your regular rotation of fruit water this summer.

5. Blueberry, lemon, & Mint 

Summer is when all of our favorite berries come back in season, and blueberries are at the top of our list of must-have fruits to dress up your water. Pair them with some fresh lemon and a few mint leaves and you are good to go with water that is just as refreshing as it is flavorful.

6. Pineapple & Coconut 

Do you like pina coladas? Pineapple and coconut is one of the most classic combinations out there. It simply screams summer! Prep some ice water with these popular flavors to get your pina colada fix.

7. Watermelon & Mint 

When I think of summer treats, one of the first things that come to mind is watermelon. Naturally sweet and refreshing, this is an easy way to dress up your water to add a little extra taste. Combine it with a few mint leaves and you’re set!

Also, you can never forget the classic lemon water 


So whether you’re taking advantage of some of your favorite citrus flavors, tossing in an assortment of berries, or taking advantage of some fresh herbs, you’ll quickly find that there are plenty of fabulous ways to mix and match different flavors to dress up your water this summer.

What do you like to drink during the summer? Let us know in the comments below so we can give it a try

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