7 Best Gifts for Long Distance Friends

It can be really hard when your bestie is far away. Long distance friendships are no joke, but we are so lucky to live in a time when there are so many ways to stay in touch, and so many perfect long distance friendship gifts that can be given to remind them just how much they mean to you. Looking for the perfect gift for your far away bestie? Check out our favorite gifts that are perfect for any long distance friendship.

1. Personalized Wall Print

What better way to commemorate your friendship than to create a wall print personalized to the two of you? Our wall prints have personalization options for everything from skin color to hair texture to the quote at the top of the print. It’s easy to make it one of a kind for your one of a kind friendship. Find a cute frame to put it in and send it her way — it’s sure to be something that she will treasure for years to come!

2. Friendship Bracelet

Friendship bracelets are a classic gift when it comes to long distance friendships. Whether you’re making it by hand to add a personal touch or you’re looking for something a bit more modern, such as a charm or cuff bracelet, this is a wonderful way to let your friend know that you’re thinking of her and that you wanted to do a little something special for her. There are plenty of options for friendship bracelets, so find one that you think will best fit her style and send it her way! If it’s a set, include a picture of you wearing yours to make it even more meaningful. You’ll think of each other every time you see the bracelet.

3. Cute Cosmetics Bag

Best friends forever personalized makeup bag

Everyone could use a little bag to tuck in their purse to help keep things organized. Whether it’s for makeup, pens, or whatever small items you absolutely have to have with you, it’s always nice to know that there is a place for it. Give your long distance bestie a cute cosmetics bag to help her keep track of all of her purse necessities! These cosmetics bags are totally customizable, and with a sweet quote about long distance friendship, this is a gift that cannot be beat.

4. Pampering Care Package

Who couldn’t use a little self care and pampering? Give your friend the gift of a relaxing night in with a fun pampering care package! Consider what some of her favorites are — does she have a go-to scent that she loves? What about her favorite color? Use all of this to put together the perfect care package for her. Find a fun bath bomb, face mask, nail polish, body wash, and lotion so she can take a night and relax.

5. Long-Distance Friendship Mug

Friends forever state mugs

Does your long distance friend start every day with a cup of warm herbal tea? Does she need to have her morning coffee before anything else? Give the gift of an adorable, long distance friendship mug to remind her you care as she goes about her morning routine! It’s totally customizable to reflect your friendship, and it’s a sure way to remind her how much you care, even from a distance. Add a box of her favorite tea or some of her favorite coffee beans to make it the perfect package.

6. Your Most Recent Favorite Read

It’s such a great feeling when you close the book and consider how good it was, but it’s even better to share it with someone. Put together a little care package for your long distance bestie and send her your most recent favorite read! You can talk about it as she progresses through the story, so she gets the satisfaction of reading a good book and you get to relive it all over again — a win win! Include a cute bookmark and some chocolate just for her to enjoy.

7. The Perfect Candle

You're my person quote candle

There’s something about a candle that adds warmth and makes you feel like you’re getting a hug. This could be just the thing to send to your friend to remind her that you care and that you’re thinking about her.

There are so many different styles, scents and quotes to choose from, making it easy to find something that perfectly fits your friend and friendship. Be sure to throw in some safety matches as well — not only will she have something to light her new candle with, but they’re totally cute!

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