Best Gifts for College-Bound Students

They’ve walked the stage, switched the tassel from right to left, tossed their cap in the air, and are officially a high school graduate. Yay! Now comes the time to prep them to go off to college. This is a major step in your grad’s life and one that is definitely deserving of meaningful gifts. So what are some of the best items to give your college-bound student? Check out some of our favorites!

An Inspirational Mug

We firmly believe that everyone is in need of a reliable mug. But perhaps it’s even more important for college students to have that go-to mug. Whether they’re using it for their morning coffee, to make a late-night mug cake, or to hold all of their writing utensils on their desk, a customized mug is a fantastic way to go when considering gifts for the college student in your life. Consider one of our mugs with an inspirational quote to keep them going on those rough days.


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Versatile and compact, a reliable and high-quality pair of headphones is an absolute must for all college students. Perfect for late-night study sessions to drown out potentially intrusive roommates or for podcast listening on their walks to class, headphones will be an everyday item  they will be very grateful to have. Do some research to find out what style headphones your college student prefers and find the best pair for them.

Yummy Candles

Help them fill their college space with warmth and delicious smells with a meaningful candle. It’s amazing what something as simple as a candle can do for a dorm room to help it feel more homey and comfortable. If your college student is studying somewhere far from home, consider gifting them one of our state candles to help them remember they have a loving support system back home cheering them on while they pursue their dreams. This is truly the gift that keeps on giving, and one that will continually remind them of how loved they are.

Single Cup Coffee Maker

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Perfect for anyone who needs their caffeine fix on the daily, giving a single cup coffee maker is a wonderful gift for the college-bound coffee lover. This mini coffee maker is the perfect size for a compact college dorm, able to be stored in the corner of a kitchen or on top of a dresser or desk, and comes in plenty of fun colors. Easily make it the perfect gift by combining it with a few boxes of k-cups and a cute coffee mug and you’ve easily just become their new favorite person.

Travel Pouches

As the cuter, grown-up version of those pencil cases we had in elementary school, these are the perfect multi-use bags that college students absolutely need. Whether they’re using them to store their cosmetics, pencils and pens, snacks, or loose electronics, such as headphones or a portable charger, having a sturdy bag to throw everything in is sure to be extremely useful. Write them a note and stick it in the pouch before giving them their gift for a special touch!


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There are few things worse as a college student than trying to find connections to a good printer. The printers on campus never seem to work well and are often a bit pricey, and you never want to be that person texting your buddy late at night to see if you can print off a paper at their place. Finding a high-quality, compact printer is the perfect way to resolve the issue, and some can be found for less than $100.

Meaningful Wall Print

For many new college students, this is the first time they are away from home (not including summer camps or long weekends away). Give them something that will both remind them of how much you care and that helps their space feel more like home. A personalized mother and daughter print would be perfect if you’re sending your little girl off to school, or perhaps a college graduate print (available for both girls and boys) to help remind them of their recent accomplishment and to help keep their eye on the prize!

Easy Recipes

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Make sure your college student is fully equipped to feed themselves as they embark on their new adventure. A cookbook or cute recipe box of family favorites, quick and easy recipes, and inexpensive meals would be a wonderful gift. Make sure to consider what their kitchen situation is- are they sharing a kitchen with roommates, or are they operating on a mini-fridge and microwave system? Tuck a gift card to a nearby grocery store inside and you’re good to go.


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