Couples Guide to Valentine's Day 2021

Valentine's Day 2021 is almost here! It's that time to start thinking about how you are going to celebrate the love of your life, your bunny, sweetie, darling, dear, or sweetie honey pie. A little creative planning now will pay off big later! Here are a few of our favorite ideas that our team will be trying out this Valentine's Day.


write love notes

Write each other old fashioned love letters and open by the fire.

Major Bridgerton vibes over here! If your significant other is a words of affirmation person this will really show them you care. Be specific and share with them what it is you love about them.
cook dinner together

Cook dinner together.

Find a recipe that you have never tried before, get our your best plates and have fun.
online mixology class

Attend an online cocktail class.

If you have never done this, it is seriously so much fun! Make sure you have all of the ingredients that the mixologist recommends and be prepared for an evening of learning something new with your significant other.
date night

Re-create a special date.

What was the best date you two have ever been on? Use your five senses to re-create that night in your own home and see the sparks fly!
movie date night

Pick out a new game, light a new candle, and watch a rom-com you've never seen before.

The Target app is a great way to place a pick up order for a new board game and new movie that you and your love would like to try.
Couples wall print

Purchase a meaningful gift.

Now is a great time to customize a special couples print for the apple of your eye. We have mugs, bags and gift baskets. Click here to purchase.
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