Creating The Perfect Picnic

Summer is for picnics! A picnic is a great way to make meal time special for those you love, turn an ordinary day into a celebration or set up a meaningful meal for a friends birthday. The best part? Any meal can be a picnic! So pick an occasion, choose a meal and let's get started!

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Here is the recipe for a perfect summer picnic:

1. Get the Perfect Blanket

Our personalized throw blankets double as the perfect gift if you are hosting a picnic birthday celebration. After the picnic is over, have your guest take it home to remember the fun outing. Purchase one here today!


2. Elevated Serving Pieces for the Outdoors

Handcrafted charcuterie boards make beautiful serving platters for sandwiches, quiches or a traditional meat and cheese platter. Be on the lookout for these arriving at on July 7! Once again, it makes a special and practical post picnic gift for your guest of honor. 


3. Individually Packaged Meals

Think easy to open, low in trash and easy to eat while sitting on the ground. Places like Whole Foods offer a variety of options that are prepackaged and fresh for you and your guests! Your favorite takeout also works great in a pinch!


4. A Drink to Delight

Whether it's a Summer Punch or something as simple as a couple of La Criox with fresh fruit to add a picnic beverage just feels special! 


5. A Sweet Treat

Dessert makes everything better including picnics. Be sure to grab a pie, fruit popsicles or keep it simple with some chocolate chips cookies. They make the best picnic dessert and are the best way to wrap up a perfect meal. 

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