Easy Mental Health Check In's.

May is Mental Health Month. 
Have you checked in with yourself lately to see where you stand on your own mental health? It’s easy to say you’re checking in but are you really taking some time out of your day to help yourself grow? We spend a lot of time checking social media and trying to keep up with everything going on in our day to day routines. We forget we have to invest in some “Us” time.  
We think it’s really important to do a self-check on our mental health to make sure we continue to feel the best version of us. We’ve come up with a few lists of things to do with for our Mind, Body, and Soul to keep us in check. They are simple things that you can do every day too! Because let’s be real we deserve to be happy 24/7 not just when it’s convenient! 
-Read a book 
-Say positive affirmations 
-Clean out your room 
-Clean out your inbox/phone 
-Write down your negative thoughts

-Take a bubble bath
-Take a yoga class or work out 
-Take time to Meditate  
-Get your Hair / Nails done 
-Drink more water       

-Unfollow negative people on social media 
-Talk with friends 
-Get more sleep 
-Buy yourself some flowers 
-Spend time with family and friends  


What do you do to help keep your mental health in check? We’d love to know! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook and let us know! 

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