Easy Vegan Desserts The Whole Table Will Enjoy

Whether it’s for you or a family member at the table, including vegan options is a sure-fire way of gaining those extra thoughtful points during a holiday dinner. We all have our reasons for living a vegan lifestyle and it’s great to be inclusive when having a collective meal. So put on your chef’s hat and impress your guests with these heavenly vegan desserts. 


Vegan Sweet Potato Pie

What’s Thanksgiving without at least one sweet potato dish? This vegan pie is the quintessential dessert for the holiday and is guaranteed to wow your dinner guests.


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Vegan Pumpkin Bars

Ah, pumpkin. Fall’s best friend. Make these simple and oh so scrumptious bars for the little ones at the table. Easy to hold and portable, they’re great for that after dinner bite. 

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Spiced Whiskey Peach Cinnamon Rolls

Made for the adults, here’s a sweet Whiskey infused cinnamon roll that will keep them coming back for more! 

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Fudgy Paleo Brownies

Brownies that are both rich in flavor and paleo friendly? Yes, please! 

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Vegan Cranberry Orange Loaf

For those that aren’t a fan of decadent desserts, here’s a tart cranberry loaf that tastes like a slice of cake. Delicious! 

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Don't these look yummy! Vegan or not we want to try them all. 

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