National Rosé Day Recipes

Rosé Day.

Omg, yay! It’s the second-best day of the year, besides maybe our birthdays!

Happy Rosé to you and all your besties, we know this is the one holiday you can all enjoy together.

In honor of this day we thought we would share a few of our favorite ways to enjoy our preferred beverage.

These drinks are perfect for when it’s your turn to host girls’ night or even to bring to all your summer parties.

SO, let’s get this party started! 

  1. Frozé – One of the best ways you can enjoy Rosé if you ask us! It’s so light and refreshing defiantly a winner for summer parties. We found one of our favorite recipes from “If you give a Blonde a Kitchen”, check it out here.



  1. Peach Rosé Sangria- Add some extra flavor! We found a delicious concoction by Julie Eats and Treats, this will for sure be a hit at the pool party. Check HERE

  1. Pink Rosé Lemonade- This recipe screams summer, you won’t want to drink anything else. We promise you that! Thank you “Crazy for the Crust” for sharing this.

  1. Rosé Margarita- Yes, that’s right we are mixing wine and tequila, live a little. If Cosmo says it’s okay, it must be!


  1. Rosé Raspberry Sorbet Mimosa- It’s never too early for wine on National Rosé Day, we suggest making this the night before to enjoy in the AM. And NO, we will not judge you if celebrate early! Try this one from “Fox and Briar


If you’ve made it this far and are not 2 glasses deep into which ever recipe above, we hope you enjoy the day and don’t forget to celebrate responsibly!



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