What to Get a New Home Owner

Whether it’s your best friend, a close family member, or a new neighbor moving in across the street, giving housewarming gifts is a fantastic way to congratulate them on this exciting new change. When it comes to gifts for new homeowners, it’s always good to find a balance between beautiful and practical. Take a look at some of our go-to housewarming gift ideas!


Is there a certain scent you know they love, or that holds significance for them? Consider lighting up their house with some homey smells from a new candle. Our Congrats on Your New Home candle is the perfect option! If they’ve moved a ways away, consider giving them one of our state candles. This is a beautiful way to help them know how much you care every time they light their candle. Make it even more personal by giving it a custom saying on the label.


Who doesn’t love a cute throw blanket? This is one of our favorite gifts for new homeowners- between its versatility and classic style, this is a housewarming present that is a surefire win for any new homeowner. Customize this comfy throw with a fun saying or the new homeowner's last names for an extra added personal touch!


Every homeowner needs cute, high-quality mugs for the inevitable morning coffee and cups of tea. Get a mug for everyone in the house to make them feel extra special. Top it off with a personal message on the back of the mug, making this a memorable, personalized housewarming gift that they can cherish for years to come. And think about it- they’ll want a cup of coffee for the mornings they have to start unpacking!

Wooden board

A custom cutting board is always a nice touch in a new kitchen. Our personalized cutting boards come in a unique shape and are made in the United States with high-quality materials. A major plus! Get them a cutting board that has a good balance of both beauty and function. Top off this gift with some fancy cheese, prosciutto, crackers, and grapes. Who doesn’t love a little charcuterie starter as a housewarming gift?

Bottle of Wine and Wine Opener

Probably one of our favorite new home gifts, a bottle of wine and wine opener, a total classic when it comes to housewarming gift ideas. After all of the stress of buying the house and moving in, they totally deserve to enjoy a glass of wine together to celebrate this huge step. Make it special by creating your own label to commemorate their big move, and round it all out by throwing in a set of wine glasses!


There are so many fun options lately when it comes to doormats, and what better way to congratulate someone on their new home than with a cute welcome mat? Whether you get them something classically monogrammed or a mat with a sassy saying, you can’t go wrong with a new doormat for your housewarming gift!


What’s more grown-up and adult than buying a house? Having a set of coasters to keep your furniture looking fresh and free of rings! Giving a new set of coasters is one of our go-to new home gift ideas! Give them personalized coasters with some new mugs or bottle of wine to top it all off and make it the perfect gift. 

Whatever you decide to give your loved ones or new neighbors as a housewarming gift, giving it a personal touch fills the gift with meaning and significance for you and the person receiving the gift, a beautiful way to make lasting memories together. For more ideas, tips, and trends, subscribe to our newsletter below!

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