Our Favorite Home Decor Accounts

There is nothing more that we love than scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest trying to find our dream home. We could spend hours looking at different paint colors, throw pillows and distinctive kitchen lighting. AND don’t even get us started on looking at Joanna and Chip Gains beautiful home décor store Magnolia. Everything in that store is to die for. 
Some of our favorite accounts on Instagram and Pinterest consist of beautiful interior home photos and tips for giving us a beautiful home. We love finding new items that we can put into our home to make it a bit closer to our dream home. 
We’ve found a few home décor inspo accounts that we love to look at! 
1.    MyTexasHouse

2.    Farm_decor_momma

3.    Blessed_Ranch

4.    Therusticboxwood

5.    DIYinspiredhouse

We hope some of these accounts inspire you to reach for your dream home!
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