Safe & Eco-Friendly Decorations For That Rustic Feel

We’re suckers for holiday decor don’t get us wrong, but as we draw closer to a new decade we can’t help but become more self-aware of the carbon footprint we’re producing. Going the greener route may seem intimidating but all it takes is a bit of creativity. Below are some quick and easy ways of creating simple yet visually stunning sustainable decor. 


Besides reducing plastic use and waste, sustainable decorations are a great way of taking you out of your home and into nature. Take a hike or walk along a trail to acquire fallen pine cones, seedpods, twigs or dried berries. Not only are you getting some steps in, you’re also eliminating the drive to a home goods store and buying these things at a cost.


Use your items to make a burlap wreath with strips of burlap and incorporate your twigs, branches, and pinecones.

Add an aromatic twist with whole leaf herbs for a refreshing take. 


Ornaments are a staple to tree decorating and you don’t have to stop buying them to be eco-friendly. Try to decrease the amount of plastic products and increase your use of glass or ceramic items. Our ceramic personalized Christmas ornaments are a great option for holiday decor. 



You can also spice up your tree by adding fragrant edibles. String some cinnamon sticks with dried orange slices to create a rustic and sweet smelling tree. 

Make your own seed pod ornaments by adding dried berries to a pinecone and adoring it with a hook- easy! 



Create a lovely mantle staple piece by using an array of greenery. Add Lamb’s ear leaves, big leafy plants, and those boughs at the end of your Christmas tree which we normally tend to through away. Display them as garland or put them in glass vases for dimension.  

These are just a few ideas for making your holiday season a bit more eco-friendly. Have fun, design your own pieces, and enjoy your creations! Feel free to browse our entire collection of home decore.


Happy Holidays, 

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