Spring Cleaning Tips

Clearly, we are on some sort of mission this year to get our life together. Between this post and the how-to Marie Kondo your life post, I think we are really on the right track this year!
Spring is finally here and we are more than ready to get our spring cleaning started! We love learning new and efficient ways to clean things around the house. Especially, because we are working non-stop and would much rather spend our day off on the beach with a piña-colada. 
This is why we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite tricks to help you keep your house smelling fresh and clean, almost like you have someone cleaning your home 24/7 for you…
These tricks are also all natural and safe for your family, we were surprised on how many harsh chemicals were in a lot of cleaning solutions. So, we decided to base this post off of safe and natural ingredients.
1.    Machine wash Legos in a pillowcase to keep them germ-free 
a.    We know how much your little ones LOVE playing with their Legos and we know how much you LOVE watching them put them in their mouth after they stuck them up their brothers’ nose. Instead of soaking them in bleach or anything dangerous to sanitize them, throw them in a pillowcase and throw them in the washing machine. Use some vinegar and dish soap as the detergent and they’ll come out sanitized and ready for round two in the mouth. 
(even though we recommend not letting them put Legos in their mouth) 

 2.    Use Toothpaste to get permanent marker stains out
a.    Dab a good-sized portion of toothpaste on the mark and let it sit for a few minutes. 
b.    Then take a damp rag and rub the toothpaste into the entire stain. 
c.    Rise the rag and repeat until the mark is gone!  
d.    You should also use white toothpaste, not the gel, these don’t work as well.

3.    Use a lint roller and vacuum to pick up a glitter spill
a.    Roll and press into the spill with the lint roller. 
b.    Then finish up by turning on the vacuum to pick up the rest

4.    Put clothing in the freezer to remove gum 
a.    As soon as you possibly can put the gum tainted item into the fridge
b.    Put clothing into a plastic bag and seal it
c.    Leave for a few hours 
d.    You should be able to scrape gum off of the clothing article. 
e.    Wash Clothing 

5.    Coconut oil and some baking soda will remove sticker debris 
a.    Mix up a solution of coconut oil and baking soda
b.    Saturate the sticky area 
c.    Let sit for a few minutes 
d.    Wipe clean
e.    Repeat if necessary

6.    Clean up sink disposal with baking soda and vinegar 
a.    Put a generous amount of ice cubes into the sink
b.    Ground up the cubes, but do not dissolve them
c.    Pour in baking soda first about ½ cup
d.    Run garbage disposal  
e.    While running the garbage disposal pour in vinegar about ½ cup 
f.     Finish by running hot water and garbage disposal
g.    For an extra sweet scent add some lemon peels into the sink or lemon essential oil

7.    Use baking soda to get rid of coffee-stained mugs
a.    Sprinkle the stains with some baking soda
b.    Add a dash of water (just enough to create a paste-like solution)
c.    Using a brush cleaner or old toothbrush clean the inside of the mug. 
d.    Wash out with warm water
e.    Repeat if necessary 
f.     P.s – Some coffee stains just might not go away, kind of like your bad habit of drinking too much coffee. (no judgment, we’re probably on our 3rd cup of the day) 

8.    Absorb Fridge stench with ground coffee beans 
a.    Lay a plate of coffee grounds in the middle of the fridge
b.    Leave for a few hours 
c.    Coffee grounds should absorb any smells you want gone! 

Also, our last tip to keep your home smelling fresh and clean is to add some natural candles around the house. 
We love lighting up our Let's Celebrate candle after cleaning the house, it adds a fresh scent to your home for hours! The Citrus Mint, Farmer's Market and Greenhouse scents are perfect for Spring. Shop candles now.

lets celebrate candle

Well, there you have it some of our favorite tips for a fresher home. We love, love, love, learning about these tips and using them in our daily lives! Let us know if you have any tips you use for a cleaner home! 
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