Our "Pinterest Perfect" home on a Budget

We love spending our weekends at Home Depot or some cute eclectic shop trying to find a perfect planter for our lavender to grow and thrive in. We think we can safely say we've welcomed our self into adulthood by now. :)

We also love looking at new ways to style our home and give it a refresh every now and then. But, also... a refresh on a budget, right?  We've curated a list of Pinterest worthy photos to display some of our best interior design inspiration. And better yet, its all within a reasonable budget! So, get ready to start pinning away! 

Vintage Kitchen Accessories:

How fun is this tin! It would be fun to make a weekend with the girls, or your man and go to a vintage flea market to pick up some new items for the kitchen. Look for pieces that tell a story, it will make great conversation pieces! 


Or.. if you want to skip the fun, you can check out a similar version on Amazon here. 

Wall Decor: 

Add anything and everything to the walls! We love this macrome piece. You can always make these on your own as well! There are so many DIY versions of this on the internet. 


Pictures are another budget-friendly way to spice up your home.

Really set your portraits or pictures apart with our customizable portraits.


Adding any sort of color will make a tremendous difference! Whether it's painting a wall or simply color coordinating all your books on the shelf! This simple trick will surely do the trick!


As we said, we love plants! Add plants to any room, seriously do it. There are so many plants and pots that can spice up a room! A lot of plants even have some health benefits that can help you with stress and skincare (hint, aloe vera)

Kitchen Cabinets: 

Jazz up your kitchen by adding some clear cabinets or if you're feeling really crafty, take off the cabinet doors to give a wide-open feel. 

What're the most budget-friendly things you've done to spice up your home? Let us know in the comments!

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