The Ultimate Coworker Gift Guide: The best gifts for every type of coworker

The holidays are in full swing and while you’ve checked every gift off the family list, you’re still unsure about where to start when it comes to your coworkers. Not to worry, we’ve compiled the ultimate gift guide for every coworker in your office. Bosses included. 

Desk plants for the peacekeeping coworker - Practically invincible and easy to care for, succulents are the perfect plants for any desk. 


Desk fan for the overheated coworker - Keep them cool and content with their personal desk fan. 

Personalized mug for the lunch buddy coworker - Sweet and sentimental, custom mugs are a great gift for any coworker.

Charging stand for the multitasking coworker - Never let them break a sweat with this handy charging stand. 

Insulated water bottle for the hydrated coworker - Save them the constant trips to the cooler by gifting them this functional water bottle that keeps water cold and hot liquids piping hot. 

Portable battery for the on the go coworker - Always on the move, keep them fully charged with this practical portable battery. 

Yearly planner for the Type A coworker - The perfect companion for any goal-setter, gift them this yearly planner that includes quotes, challenges, and passion roadmaps. 

Echo Dot for the boss - Sleek and highly convenient, it’s the personal assistant they never knew they needed. 

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Happy Holidays!
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