Tidying Up 2019

Okay, unless you’re still living under all your Christmas decorations and holiday clutter, you’ve probably watched Netflix’s new series Tidying Up with Maire Kondo. 
And well, if you’re still under that clutter you probably want to know who she is. Maire Kondo is a Japanese organizing consultant and author. She is predominantly famous for her “KonMari Method” which is her method of organization and consists of “gathering together all of one's belongings, one category at a time, and then keeping only those things that "spark joy" and choosing a place for everything from then on.” https://www.japantimes.co.jp/culture/2014/10/11/books/konmaris-phenomenal-book-can-help-put-house-order/#.XEI89S2ZPfY
She’s basically the Organization King and were willing to listen to all her words of wisdom, no matter what she says, because let’s face it, we are all still under that holiday clutter….
So, cue the New Year New Me, clean everything out, I’m starting over speech you roll out every January. Because this just might be the year you ACTUALLY GET YOUR JUNK IN ITS TRUNK, where it belongs. 
Marie has so many tips and we thoroughly loved watching her show, she gave us so many small pieces of knowledge that we could take away and implement into our own homes. Tips that were manageable and didn’t make us feel like we had to flip our entire home upside down to get clean. 
We thought since it’s January and we all are trying to get ourselves set up in the best possible way this month, we would share some of our favorite tips with you from Marie. 
1.    Everything has a Place

- A good start to this would be making sure everything has labels and letting everyone in the family know there’s going to be some changes around the house. Now, we don’t mean going crazy and labeling everything, but some key spots should do the trick! We’re sure that Pinterest has some good inspo pictures for you to get started. 

2.    Get Rid of Papers

- Easy Peasy, just go paperless! We know from first-hand experience how quickly papers get piled up on desks and tables. If straws are going paperless, its definitely your turn to do the same! 

3.    Keep Items that Bring Joy. 

- When you see an item and you question it, should you really keep it at that point? If your items are not bringing you joy, why should you keep it? Get rid of those items that are not something you want to bring into the new year. 

4.    Don’t let Nostalgia Cloud your Judgment 

- This one’s a bit tricky, but do we really need all those birthdays, valentines, Hanukah Cards lying around from like 10 years ago? No! Try to cut down on the nostalgic items and try to go further and put those items in a home. I.E a scrapbook can hold cards, pictures, movie stubs, etc... and that book can live on the shelf! Boom clean!   

5.    Respect Your belongings

-This might sound a bit odd, but have you considered your items feelings? We know they don’t really have feelings, but you do. YOU worked hard for the money to buy that item. Are you really respecting yourself or your items if you’re just throwing them about? Try to consider that next time you just throw your clothing all over the floor. 

6.    Folding is Key

-YES, this makes a world of a difference! There are so many ways to correctly fold clothing to make it fit better in your space. You’d be surprised how many pairs of jeans you can fit in a drawer if you fold it right ;) 

We hope you can take away something from each of these tips like we said they are small but meaningful.
2019 could be the year you get it all together and keep it together (hah or next year, we don’t judge)! 
Now, don’t mind us we have some cleaning to do! 
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