Top Fall Trends for Home Decor

It's finally that time of year where the temperature cools down and we start to spend more time inside. Cooler temperatures call for cozy throw blankets and warm tea on the sofa but, they also call for new Fall decor! We've found some new items to add to your home to make it Fall ready. 

1. Twig Fall Wreath 

We found this one on Etsy. Handmade options are so cute! We love a good DIY project too!

2. Leaf Garland String Lights

These would be cute wrapped around the staircase or above the fireplace. We found so many options on Amazon. 

3. Cozy Throws

Our custom throws make the perfect decoration! 

4. Copper Tea Kettle 

This mini-hammered copper tea kettle will be sure to make a statement in your kitchen. 

5. Plaid Hand-Woven Pumpkin Patch Rug

Add some color to the floor! Adding a new rug will really make a difference without making a difference in your bank account. Shop this rug here. 

6. Maple Leaf Plates

New Plate, who this? We love these colorful plates, they are so pretty you'll actually want to sit down and enjoy dinner. 

7. Throw Pillows

Need more throw pillows? What's a couple more for Fall? Your Hubby won't mind, trust us...

8. Cozy Candles 

Our seasonal scents and customizable candles are perfect for adding the final piece of Fall to your home. 


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