Ultimate Gift Guide for Your Bestie

The holidays are coming up, and you’re making your list of what gifts you’re giving to who, and checking it twice. Feeling stumped on what to give your bestie this year? We get it! You want to find the perfect balance between cute and useful and meaningful, and that can definitely be a challenge. But don’t stress it! We’ve put together the ultimate gift guide for your bestie- check out some of our go-to gift ideas that would be perfect for your go-to girl!

A Yummy Candle

Really, who doesn’t love a sweet-smelling candle? Whether you’re lighting it for a relaxing bath in the evening or starting your day off right with your favorite scent, a candle is always a good way to go when considering a gift for your bestie. Get her a candle with a meaningful quote, or if you’re long-distance besties, get her a candle that reminds her of just how much you love her!

Mani-Pedi Morning

Every girl deserves some pampering, and getting a manicure and pedicure together is the perfect way to block out the time. Whether you’re getting her a gift card to go by herself or you’re planning a fun morning together, treating your bestie to a manicure and a pedicure is a great gift idea. Top it off by getting coffee on the way to the salon or stopping for brunch afterward with your fresh nails.

A Cute Mug

Whether she can’t start her day without her coffee, has a box full of yummy teas or is absolutely in love with hot chocolate, getting your bestie a cute mug is the perfect gift idea! Get her a mug with a fun quote or get her a personalized mug to look like the two of you. Top it off with a bag of her favorite coffee beans, a fresh box of tea or some tasty hot chocolate additions to make it even more meaningful.

New Purse

Everyone deserves a purse upgrade every now and then, and the holidays are the perfect time to get your bestie something fresh to keep all of her treasures in. Whether she’s always wanted a designer bag or she’s just needing something bigger, take some time and consider which kind of purse she would love. If you’re unsure or if she’s really specific about things like this, take her on a shopping trip and tell her to pick a bag, your treat!

Meaningful Ornaments

Show how much you care by giving your best friend a meaningful Christmas ornament! Not only does it go perfectly with the holiday season, but it’s something that she will pull out every year when decorating for Christmas and be reminded of your friendship. You can get it personalized to look like the two of you, making it even more meaningful. Throw in a gift card to her favorite cafe and you’re good to go!

Fresh Accessories

What girl couldn’t use a new pair of earrings or layering necklaces every now and then? Use the holidays as an excuse to get your bestie some fresh accessories for her collection! Whether she likes her jewelry big and bold, or she’s more into quiet and understated, look for some pieces that fit her style and that would go with her wardrobe. This is another gift option that works great as a shopping trip- head out together and tell her to pick a few items.

Keepsake Wall Print

Give her a gift that encompasses your friendship. Getting a keepsake wall print, personalized to look like the two of you, is sure to be something that she will love and cherish for years to come. She can hang it up in her home or office, and it will serve as a great reminder of how much you care. Include a note detailing how important your friendship is!

A Fun Trip Together

Everyone needs something to look forward to, and planning out a bestie trip together is definitely one of our favorite holiday gift ideas! Whether you’re jetting off somewhere together or you’re long distance and sending her a ticket to come visit you, consider what you can do to plan a fun trip together and make it happen.

So as the holidays come closer and you’re making your list of what to get for your family and loved ones, be sure to consider some of our favorite bestie gifts for your best friend! After all that she’s done for you, she deserves a fantastic gift that shows just how much your friendship means to you. Happy shopping!

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