What To Include In Your Bridesmaid Box

Congratulations! You’ve found your one true love that you get to live happily ever after with!

Now, that you’ve said yes, and the wedding planning can begin, it’s time to start thinking about which friends or family you want by your side on your big day. It seems that these past couples of years, brides have been doing a bridesmaid proposal to their own maids to see if they will stand by her side while she promises her love and devotion to the man she loves.

Brides have been coming up with fun little bridesmaid boxes and maid of honor gifts filled with personalized gifts for their girls. It’s a nice gesture in advance for the support they will be giving the bride in the next couple of months. Planning a wedding is no joke and we are all very familiar with the term “bridezilla”. These bridesmaid boxes are usually filled with champagne, candy and small gifts such as matching mugs, cosmetic bags, and robes for the big day.

So if you’re wondering what is a good bridesmaid gift, don’t stress it! We’ve rounded up a couple of our favorite gifts that we think should be in your next Bridesmaid proposal box. Take a look at some of our favorite maid of honor proposal and bridesmaid proposal ideas!

1. Mugs

Best friends portrait mugs

Our Best Friends Portrait Mugs are the perfect personalized gift to give to your ladies, each one will be tailored to each maid making it extra special. Give your girlfriends a keepsake to help her remember the fun memories you’re going to make as they help you plan your big day. They’re easy to customize so they look like the two of you, adding a special touch. Be sure to include a message on the back for her! You might consider “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” or your new last name with the year you’re getting hitched.

2. Cosmetic Bags

Best friends personalized makeup bag

Same with our Portrait Mugs, these fun cosmetics bags are customizable to each of your special ladies. Be sure to add a special message so she'll never forget the special day. You might consider filling her cosmetics bag with some fun nail polish in your wedding colors, or throw in a tube of lip gloss or a simple piece of jewelry that all of your bridesmaids will be wearing. There are so many ways to amplify these bridesmaid proposal gifts!

3. Candles

I Can't Say I Do Without You Quote Candle

Everyone loves a good candle. Our candles will bring instant relaxation during the stressful months, and one of our favorite bridesmaid ask ideas. This I Can’t Say I Do Without You candle is the perfect gift to include in your Bridesmaid box, and will sit as a precious keepsake for your bridesmaid of this special time spent together. Be sure to throw in some cute safety matches that she can use to light her new candle- maybe some in your wedding colors?

4. Bath bombs/face masks

bath bomb

Your girls are going to get a little overwhelmed too, make sure to give them the gift of relaxation. Help her elevate her bath by giving her a fun bath bomb. They’re available in tons of different scents, sizes, and colors, so take your pick! This is also a great chance for her to light her new candle, so it’s a win win! Throw in a loofa and a small tube of body wash and she’ll be good to go!

5. Mini wine bottles/champagne

Mini champagne bottles

You can't have a box without a glass of champagne or wine to cheers, add an extra special touch and create your own custom labels for the bottle! Add her name or the year you’re getting married to make it a fun keepsake for your bridesmaids. Tie on a bow in one of your wedding colors to easily take this simple bottle of champagne to the next level.

6. Robes

Matching bridesmaid robes

One of our favorite wedding trends lately has been the adorable matching robes that the bridal party wears as they get ready for the bride’s big moment. They make for some seriously fun pictures, and are the perfect memento for your girls to hold onto to remember the fun times you shared. Find some cute matching robes for everyone to include in their bridesmaids boxes!

7. Honest Card

Will you be my bridesmaid card

Make sure to give your girls a piece of your heart too. Write them an honest heartwarming card so they will still love you even after the crazy things you put them though. Tell them why you’re picking them to be in your bridal party, and express your gratitude for them and their friendship. It’s the perfect item to top off the bridesmaid boxes and make them that much more meaningful.

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