What Your Love Language Says About You!

Have you ever felt like you just couldn't connect with your partner no matter how much you tried? This challenge is much more common than you might think, so know that you’re not alone! Turns out, you may be speaking a foreign language that your significant other might completely misunderstand. According to author Gary Chapman of The 5 Love Languages, there are exactly 5 love languages that people use to express and experience love. That’s right, 5 different ways!

In short, they are:

Quality time

Receiving gifts

Words of affirmation

Physical touch

Acts of service

While some may immediately jump out at you, there are a few that you might be confused on. You might find yourself wondering- What does love language mean? What love language am I? If you have some time, we definitely recommend taking the five love languages quiz to see which language or languages you most relate to. Let’s dive in and learn more about these love languages!

Quality Time

Plain and simple, you enjoy the one-on-one moments with your partner. It may be the time you two have while making dinner or the minutes spent with each other in bed before nodding off to sleep. You may see it in your partner if they consistently ask to go on evening walks together, or if they jump at the chance to enjoy breakfast together. Whatever the case, individuals who identify with this love language cherish the undivided attention they have with their significant other the most. Looking for some QT with your cutie?

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Receiving Gifts

This is more than just gift-giving. It’s about the effort and thoughtfulness that goes into a gift that makes this love language special. It can be something as simple as picking up their favorite candy bar for them on the way home from work to planning an elaborate trip to one of their bucket list destinations. It’s not about the price tag, but about the thoughtfulness behind the gift. Active listening is a component of this trait, so if you listen carefully to your partner, you’ll find that many gifts ideas can stem from a random conversation had weeks ago.

Let’s say your partner mentioned wanting a coffee mug for the office and one morning you surprised them with one of our custom mugs... now that’s a sweet surprise. For many, the act of gift-giving is a charming way of saying “I’m thinking of you.” and “I’m listening to what you’re saying.”

Words of Affirmation

You like being told and reminded why your partner adores you. A simple “love you” gives you warm fuzzies in your tummy and if they follow up with a “because” you’re over the moon with joy. Words have a powerful impact for you and expressing your love through notes or appreciation is a sure-fire way of getting to your heart. People who prefer words of affirmation are known for showering their partner with compliments and asking questions like “Do you think I look nice today?” or “What are your favorite things about me?”

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Physical Touch

Everyone loves getting kisses from their partner, right? Physical touch as a love language runs a bit deeper than that. Many experts say this particular language is the most effective way of expressing love. With a light touch on the arm or a quick squeeze of the hand accompanied by a smile, many partners are able to create a stronger bond that requires little to no verbal communication. What’s a cute way of staying in touch with your significant other? Cuddling of course!

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Acts of Service


This love language revolves around helping others through your actions. If you like helping your partner out in practical ways, you often find yourself doing tasks that help ease their workload. Offering to cook dinner or running errands on their part are just a few ways of showing your caring nature. Individuals who identify with this love language are touched by actions as simple as doing the dishes or getting in their car to find that you’ve filled it up with gas. Small actions go a long way with them!

Show your love by pouring your partner a cup of freshly brewed coffee or tea in the morning, prepared just how they like it. Go the extra mile and bring it to them in bed, or have it waiting in a cup prepped to go with them on their morning commute. Our cute portrait mugs come in 2 sizes options, making them perfect for everyday use.

So whether you’re looking for fresh ideas of how to show your loved one that you care, or you’re wanting to simply understand the five love languages a bit better, take some time and do your research on how you can respond to your significant other’s love languages. Everyone is different and expressed their love and affection differently- show your sweetie just how much you love them by taking the time to better understand them and their needs.

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