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What your Love Language says about you!

Have you ever felt like you just couldn't connect with your partner no matter how much you tried? Turns out, you may be speaking a foreign language that your S.O. might completely misunderstand. According to author Gary Chapman, there are exactly 5 love languages that explain how we each express and experience love. That’s right, 5 different ways!

In short, they are:
Quality time
Receiving gifts
Words of affirmation
Physical touch
Acts of service

While some may immediately jump out at you, there are a few that you might be confused on. So let’s get to it and dive right in!

Quality time: Plain and simple, you enjoy the one-on-one moments with your partner. It may be the time you two have while making dinner or the minutes spent with each other in bed before nodding off to sleep. Whatever the case, you cherish the undivided attention you have with your significant other the most. Looking for some QT with your cutie?

Spend a comfy night-in with your favorite personalized quote candles! Perfect for a movie night, a romantic dinner, or a casual night-in, they are great for creating a cozy vibe.

Receiving gifts: This is more than just gift-giving. It’s about the effort and thoughtfulness that goes into a gift that makes this love language special. Active listening is a component of this trait and many gifts stem from a random conversation had weeks ago.

Let’s say your partner mentioned wanting a coffee mug for the office and one morning you surprised them with one of our custom mugs... now that’s a sweet surprise. For many, the act of gift-giving is a charming way of saying “I’m thinking of you.”

Words of affirmation: You like being told and reminded why your partner adores you. A simple “love you” gives you warm fuzzies in your tummy and if they follow up with a “because” you’re over the moon with joy. Words have a powerful impact for you and expressing your love through notes or appreciation is a sure-fire way of getting to your heart. 

Say how you feel with a customized wall print! Pick from a few of our quotes or add your personal touch with a custom message. 

Physical touch: Many experts say this particular language is the most effective way of expressing love. With a light touch, many partners are able to create a stronger bond that requires little to no verbal communication. What’s a cute way of staying in touch with your S.O.? Cuddling of course!

Make your cuddle moments that much more special with our personalized throws. Big enough for two, they’re a darling addition to your snuggle time.

Acts of service: This love language revolves around helping others through your actions. If you like helping your partner out in practical ways, you often find yourself doing tasks that help ease their workload. Offering to cook dinner or running errands on their part are just a few ways of showing your caring nature. 

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